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PURPLESAT Fixed Satellite dish Options

Fixed satellite dish installations from 50cm (Sky dishes)
64cm (the slightly larger Sky dishes)
70cm 80cm 90cm 1m 1.1m 1.2m 1.4m 1.5m 1.8m 2.3m 2.4m 3m 3.1m 3.7m 4m 4.5m 5m 6m 8m 10m 15m
For all applications including UK Sky/Freesat 
Or European & Worldwide Satellite Reception.
Almost any country / any language.
Some of the available satellites include ->> up to 77e limit <<<<<<  76.5e 70.5e 68.5e 66e 62e 60e 57e 55e 53e 52.5e 52e 50e 47.5e 46e 45e 42e 39e 38e/c 36e 33e 31.5e inc 30.8e inc 28.2/5e (UK) 26s 23.5e 21.6e 19.2e 16e 13e 10e 9e 7e 4.8-5e 3.1-3e 1.9e
0.8-1w 4w 5w 7w 7.3w 8w 11w 12.5w 15w 18w 20w 22w 24.5w 27.5w 30w 31.5w 33w 34.5w 37.5w 40w 43w 45w 50w 56w 62w
- >>>>>>>to 80w limit  [all subject to available line of sight- extremes of east or west are affected by your location

others are available as is C & Ka band reception on some of those &/or other satellites..
[we have extensive experience on all the above & routinely work on most of the above most days of the week]
You can have more than one satellite from the same fixed dish as well, either 2 3 4 or more different satellites depending on dish type/ size & the satellites & spread required.

Prices can be from as little as  £74 
[prices depend on difficulty of installation/ access/ location / dish size & grade/ difficulty of satellite reception / cable runs / number of lnb outputs & coax runs/ brackets required /line of sight issues/ local interference issues etc. the cheapest is a flat wall facing the satellite with no line of sight issues, medium cable length / single lnb - coax run & within our zone A/B installation area ]

[please note we are not sky or connected to sky in any way - sky subsidise their true installation costs with the revenue from their expensive subscriptions so you are never getting anything for free or cheap, you will pay far more long term - typically £20-30000 or more so it's easy to make it look cheap or free- it never is. They or their agents can also install at a much lower quality than us as they are on the clock & to help reduce the costs but this can & does cause faults down the line which an agent can see as bonus jobs.

Add extra satellite/s reception to existing dishes including have an extra satellite added to an existing Sky dishes.

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see also Big Dish Installations for sizes 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m 2.4m 3m 3.7m etc. 

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